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Taste Shandong cuisine, the second season of the Chinese feast: 2024 Wanda Hotel National Link Shandong cuisine heritage tour officially launched

Date: 2024-07-03

On June 28, 2024, Wanda Hotels & Resorts held a grand launch ceremony for the second season of the "Taste of Shandong Cuisine" 2024 Wanda Hotel National Linkage Shandong Cuisine Heritage Tour at R&F Wanda Realm Tai'an. The event was guided by the Shandong Provincial Department of Commerce, Shandong Provincial Office in Beijing, Tai'an Municipal Bureau of Commerce, and Taishan District Bureau of Commerce, hosted by Wanda Hotels & Resorts, and undertaken by R&F Wanda Realm Tai'an, and received strong support from Tai'an Cooking Association, Lushihui New Shandong Cuisine Alliance, Meituan, and Lucai.

The day before the launch ceremony, Wanda Hotel star chefs from all over the country and cooking experts from the Tai'an Shandong Cuisine Cooking Association held a unique "Innovative Shandong Cuisine Exchange Seminar" focusing on the cooking skills and innovative research and development of new Shandong cuisine.

At the innovative Shandong cuisine tasting session on the day of the launch ceremony, the star chef team of Wanda Hotels and Resorts selected three representative dishes from more than ten dishes of the seminar for on-site presentation. The dishes were tasted and commented on by professional judges including Master Qu Hao, President of Beijing Qu Hao Cooking School, Chairman of World Chinese Cuisine Chefs, Top Ten Leaders of China's Catering Industry, and Model Worker of China's Business System, Mr. Wang Zhijie, founder of Lucai brand, Mr. Zi Shengjun, President of Tai'an Cooking Association, Mr. Su Jiaqing, consultant of Tai'an Hotel Cooking Association, Taishan cooking master and senior cooking technician, and Mr. Liu Huaming, chief technician and senior cooking technician of Tai'an.